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IRONSCALES Strengthens ‘Power of the Pack’; Introduces New In-App Collaboration to Email Security Platform
Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 10:09:38 AM

Leader in self-learning email security technology adds new built-in communication to the platform, allowing security teams to seamlessly collaborate internally and with a global community of analysts on trending email threats


IRONSCALES, the pioneer of self-learning email security, today unveiled incident responder’s first in-app chat tool to encourage the sharing of phishing threat detection and open collaboration within security teams and a global community of analysts. Today, more than 40% of all phishing attacks identified by IRONSCALES are detected by our customers’ analysts and incident responders, previously known as Federation, which now consists of over 1,000 security professionals worldwide.

The new in-app collaboration tool strengthens IRONSCALES ‘Power of the Pack’ approach to phishing mitigation in which human controls and technical controls constantly work together to minimize risk. Through real-time collaboration, IRONSCALES allows security practitioners to communicate within the platform to discuss common and mutually experienced threats; provide a venue for analysts to exchange questions and to confidently respond with guidance on suspicious email incidents - all while remaining anonymous.

“Email remains the number one vector for all cyberattacks, and the increase in frequency and complexity of daily attacks is putting a strain on security teams worldwide,” said Eyal Benishti, IRONSCALES founder and CEO. “As a company with a philosophy built on the need for global collaboration, our new Slack-like collaboration feature provides our customers with yet another opportunity to democratize phishing threat detection in real-time. This two-way communication within our platform is yet another way IRONSCALES harnesses the collective power of human and machine intelligence to accelerate the decision-making process when the time from threat discovery to attack remediation is of the essence.”

The new in-app chat tool enhances IRONSCALES’ self-learning email security platform by building an open channel for security analysts to quickly collaborate on similar incidents, helping them keep up with today’s influx of phishing attacks.

The new in-app chat capability empowers today’s SOC teams by encouraging:

  • Internal collaboration between SOC and security teams as they adjust to remote work and telecommuting conditions.
  • Collaboration in the context of specific incidents and incident data.
  • Real-time human-to-human threat intelligence sharing and dialogue across IRONSCALES’ global network of cybersecurity experts.

“During a time when attackers are working overtime to exploit human instincts and fears, our goal is to limit lapses in communication and to help our security team reduce burden,” said Yossi Marmarali, CISO, Netafim. “IRONSCALES’ in-app messaging tool allows our team to communicate both internally and externally, expediting our response time to phishing attacks even further.”

The community in-app chat is available as part of IRONSCALES’ broader email security platform that combines automation with human intelligence, maximizing both the power of people and technology as a vehicle to significantly reduce the risk of email phishing attacks.

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